Got a 1/2 HP motor

I just got a Got a 1/2 HP motor for free from my school (there were 2 old vacuum pumps that were covered in dirt and have been in a shed for like a year. One of my friend got one and is turning it into a lathe. They are really nice and quiet GE motors. Their bearing just needed some lube and then they are all fixed!). All it needs is a capacitor (can get from ebay for like 15 bucks including shipping) What should I make with it? So far I'm thinking rotary spark gap for my tesla coil (take THAT plamana!) but i'd like to utilize the power more (don't really need 1/2 HP for a spark gap!). Any other ideas? BTW I'm not making a gokart. lol. But it would be cool.... BUT NO

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Xellers8 years ago
Don't waste a 1/2 HP motor on a rotary spark gap! You can just use a much weaker one and it will still work. If I had the tools you have, I would be making an electric scooter right now. I have all of the parts, but seeing as I can't weld, or do any metalwork, I can't do anything with them.
n8man9 years ago
So you have a motor as strong as this.
Hahahahaha! You so funny!
comodore n8man9 years ago
guyfrom7up (author)  n8man9 years ago
haha, yep
guyfrom7up (author) 9 years ago
Quick question: using PWM can I make the motor go slower? Or will this not work because this motor requires a start cap?
Yes you can, and you can also brake (( Stop it )) electrically and reverse it.... and make it so you don't need the cap ...
guyfrom7up (author)  guyfrom7up9 years ago
if you can create a phase shifted 'copy' of the pwm then maybe you can do without a cap at all some motors can work slower on a standard light dimmer (idk if its good to them though) and some cant (motor / dimmer overheat etc)
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