Got any recomendations for webservers,advertising services, ?

Ok so I have been working on a website for a day or two now and I am ready to put advertisements on my website. So I was wondering if you guys and girls knew of any good advertising programs ? My website is called AWASTEOFTIME.CA It consists of a chat room, games, LOTS OF GAMES, and you tube and meta cafe videos. So one of my advertising methods will be meta cafe. And any recomendations on web servers and where to get a domain name. ( free would be nice At the moment i don't care if it ends up to be www.awasteoftime.(companys name here).ca Eventually i will pay for a domain and webspace but I would like to make the project self supported (Hmm i see an instructable in the mere future)) So what do you guys use for your websites ?

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Labot20019 years ago
For making logos, try Fireworks (Macromedia, I think); I LOVEEE it. Way easier than Photoshop, and way better than The GIMP. (I know I'm gonna get a lot of trash about that last comment)
Fireworks is better/easier than Photoshop because it's different. I personally use Inkscape for that sort of thing, though.
Never heard of it. Is that freeware?
Its FOSS (Free Open Source Software). So yeah, its free, but its not freeware.
Could you explain the difference? I've never heard of FOSS before.
FOSS, or more commonly FLOSS, stands for Free (Libre) Open Source Software.
(Free refers to free, pricewise. Libre is free, as in speech)

Freeware ≠* F(L)OSS!
  • * that's a not-equals sign, if it didn't render...
Nah, it didn't render. But I get it. Thanks!
littlechef37 (author)  Labot20019 years ago
So just like the trial ?
I've never tried the trial, so I don't know.
No you're going to get trash about fireworks... Ok it's handy and simple but I can't stand it for some odd reason...
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