Got contest ideas? Want to help HQ staff?

You may have noticed that we run a lot of contests here on Instructables. Big ones, little ones, sponsored ones, weird ones, helpful ones, and the occasional flop. We like contests, because they reward what many of you would already be doing: making creative things and sharing them with the world.

We run contests for two main reasons: to reward authors with the kinds of prizes that help them to make more cool projects, and to give sponsors an opportunity to foment authentic customer experiences. The best contests combine the two with an awesome theme and even awesomer prizes.

Since we started running contests, we’ve given away hundreds of thousands of dollars worth of prizes. Prizes ship out much faster than they used to (it helps that interns aren’t running the shipping room), and we’re pushing our limits to see how many engaging and awesome contests we can run at once. This year alone, we’ve run about 20 contests with prizes totaling ~$25,000. We’ve got more in the works, too.

This is where we need your help! If you’ve got contest theme ideas, I’d love to hear them. If you have prize ideas, leave ‘em in the comments.

And, if you or your business want to sponsor a contest of your very own, send me a PM.

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ilpug6 months ago

A manufacturing process contest maybe? Where it's not just about making something cool, it's about illustrating how the process and product have been designed to be easier to build in large numbers. There's tons of people on Instructables who make stuff in large amounts for sales on places like ETSY, I assume some would be willing to share their process and setup for cranking out a lot of little stuff. Most Instructables stuff is one-off or prototypical, an iterated, production-oriented product would be a neat focus.

mpictaggi6 months ago

I don't always see your contests but have you had any of the following.

Lego Builder Contest- The favorite building material of my 10yr old cousin, id really like to see what people make but more importantly how they communicate the steps in their instrucable.

Trash to Treasure Contest- Instrucables that focus on new/traditional ways to recycling "trash" into usable products. Or ways to re purpose what is commonly considered trash.

Magnet Mania Contest - they're crazy fun and crazy accessible and you can make a lot of interesting projects with them.

Wind- projects that harness or make wind.

I have a few ideas.

1) A Harry potter (we had one last year) contest to celebrate the 20 years of the philosopher's stone (that's the first book in Harry Potter series)

2) A miniature contest (dollhouse miniature, small scale figurines.. everything!)

3) Fandom contest (I think this happened once before also)

4) Copy-cat model contest (models of stuff from movies or comics or books and all maybe?)

I hope these are accepted!! I'm really looking forward to participate in them! Especially thus first one!!!

Right now, I am willing to fully back any home & garden contest, with sponsorship / prize donations including a $200.00 cash voucher, good for all product's within any store that I own, which there are many.

The contest I would like to hold, would be a greenhouse gardening contest, to see who could create the best staged greenhouse structure, using the most unique and inexpensive alternatives, as apposed to expensive fancy quick solutions.

The challenge come's to be, in the choosing of the structure itself, which would be done by the contest holder's, and in a randomized manner, such as they do on TV show's, such as Iron Chef, where they have no idea, what they will be cooking!

Mr_o_uk4 years ago
How about a "flat pack" contest. Where you either have to make something that is made from a flat pack (like the ikea hacks) or where you have to make something that is flat packable...
wilgubeast (author)  Mr_o_uk4 years ago
We're actually working on one of those right now. Details should be forthcoming once we get all our sponsorship ducks in a row.
Any news on this one? I have an idea...
Kiteman Mr_o_uk3 years ago
Whatever it is, I'd make it and write it, just hold off on hitting the publish button until there is more news.
...and once they're in a row, you can knock them down...
Kiteman Mr_o_uk4 years ago
Oh, I can see a lot of creative potential in that one.

If they got Ikea to sponsor it, there could be a special prize for hacking an Ikea product.
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