Got/Want Skills? Seeking Volunteer Intern/Apprentices - orphans preferred

We're still looking for great people for Instructables. However, there are also some internship opportunities outside Instructables from our extended community. From the illustrious Tim:

I've got several dozen projects to instructable-ize. Come help me do that here in sunny Alameda, California.
There's no pay, but you'll get all the fancy bread and kombucha you can consume and learn a few new tricks in one of the most amazing workshops in the world. The projects involve skills ranging from sewing and caring for bacterial cultures to building computer-controlled machines.

Come try it out for a week or two and see if you like it.

Contact Tim Anderson
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Looking for Remote Internship(Unpaid).

Work Experience: Embedded System Design, IoT & PCB Design.

Skills: ARM Programming, Arduino, Raspberry Pi, Eagle, KiCAD, MATLAB.

My Github for more projects:

You can also check out my Instructables for my project experience.

Starlyte7 months ago

I'd love to, but I'm doing a rather BIG instructable, so to speak... We have an 18C stone house and its enormous garden, OK, but we want to make it auto sustainable, or off-grd, with a few improvements... lol. First off we have to have help with the roof, or live in a shower room. Basic idea is to do a house earthship style... have you any instructables on this sort of crazy project?

Kiteman Starlyte7 months ago

1. The "let's make" box at the top of the page is the search function.

2. You can browse the site by hitting the explore button, then narrowing down by Category & Channel - for instance, these projects may be useful:

maria_AI1 year ago

Hello instrutables, can I get internship opportunities??

traversjul2 years ago

Are you looking for any virtual interns?

хочу работать у вас

PravinK12 years ago

Dear instrutables,I live in India.Can I get internship opportunities ?

CynthiaM42 years ago

hello instrutables! I am just wondering, do you have any office here at Philippines? thanks a lot! I want to know more and be one of your interns.

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