Grade 8 Grad Party What to do ?

Ok Its getting close to the end of the year DUN DUN DUN and me and my class need something to do for our after grad.What would you do ? Last Year it was paintball

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Watch a Linux kernel compile. That always gets them.
prank, beat the .... out of people, you'll think of something, be creative.....
Brennn109 years ago
Amusement park? Laser tag? Educational field trip?
littlechef37 (author)  Brennn109 years ago
educational....BOO....srry its just yeah....
Juklop9 years ago
Go to school naked?
littlechef37 (author)  Juklop9 years ago
Goodhart9 years ago
Hmm, when I finished the 8th grade (back in, oh, 1975), I, um, went home, as quickly as I could :-)
Firebert0109 years ago
Well you're in 8th grade... There's really not much that 8th graders can do that is both fun and entertaining. Whatever you pick, it will require TONS of supervision, and chances are that the supervision alone would make the party/gathering/whatever pretty awkward...

tl;dr, you all are too young to be doing anything fun, hate to break it to you =P
Labot20019 years ago
wtf? It's 8th grade! What's the whole graduation deal for??
I know a lot of places with... low high-school graduation levels... tend to make the end of middle school a big deal. I'm not saying that this is a case of that, but its what I've seen.
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