Grape-Scented Purple Shoes!

Reebok seems to have found my purple shoes, and with some help from Kool-Aid upped the ante with Grape-scented purple shoes!

Suggestions? Purple LED purple shoes? Purple shoes made from real grape skins?


Picture of Grape-Scented Purple Shoes!
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trebuchet039 years ago
They need to be purple... smell like grapes... but TASTE like strawberries. This is obviously a senses war :D Sight and Smell - covered :)
Yeah, because its fun to torture people who eat their shoes.
No no no :p For those that put their foot in their mouth :D The catch phrase could be... "Putting your foot in your mouth has never been so tasty." As seen on TV, yada yada yada.
Brilliant! I'd be the best smug/prank gift!
Doctor What9 years ago
Ugh, why on earth would you want your shoes to smell like grape. Excuse me, if it's kool-aid, grape drink.
Interesting. My friend used to tell me that purple tasted like crowbar, so perhaps crowbar scented purple shoes?
Goodhart9 years ago
Now all you need is a t-shirt that reads: "I make wine" LOL
Ah yes, I did not thought about that ........... Grape turns to wine, and wine to vinegar ...... then come the flies. Grape-scented shoes, is that a so good idea finally ???
Yeah, I was looking at that as being "evidence" that you were "stomping" grapes, but just not in your bare feet LOL
Kiteman9 years ago
Trimmed in electroluminescent wire?
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