Graphic / Interactive Designer wanted for

This position has been filled!

We need a designer to make Instructables better, more fun, easier to use and nicer to look at. We're looking for the best talent we can find and then we'll figure out how to make it work for both parties. You don't have to be available for full time work and you don't have to work in the office or even in the same country.

Great visual design skills are our most important criteria. You'll also need to be able to turn your designs into cross-platform CSS and XHTML that integrate with our existing style sheets. Some level of Flash experience will also be required.

Please send your cover letter, rates and portfolio to iwannawork [at] instructables [dot] com

We look forward to hearing from you!

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ecogeeko9 years ago
One thing that would be really sweet is if there could be a mobile Instructables site. It takes forever to load on my palm centro and it is quite a challenge to navigate. In my opinion that would really put Instructables over the top! It might also be nice to have a way to search for tinkerers (is that a real word?) in your area so that you could easily set up project groups, local contests, work shops, or just plane chill-out! =)
zieak ecogeeko9 years ago
I second the idea of a mobile version.
=SMART=9 years ago
I take Graphic design at school and have got A* at every grade card, work review, marking and every exam, i am pretty awesome with photoshop and other design programs as well. In total I have won over £1500 worth of prizes in the last two years alone through design orientated competitions.

Unfortunately i cant turn my designs into cross-platform CSS and XHTML YET
And im 16
And im in England
And i just got a job at a garden center :P
So i cant do it, i probably wouldn't be good enough anyway

Whoever does do this will have a hard job making "better, more fun, easier to use and nicer to look at" because this site is already so awesome.

One thing to consider is some people are resistant to change, so i think there should be a big community input for this, e.g. polls, questionnaires, surveys asking our amazing community what they want and what they don't want to be changed.

Two thing that must NOT be changed :
The Robot
Im in the same predicament as you my friend. And everything you said about yourself, is basically the same for me. Im 16, i get straight A's in my graphic design class. I actually get to leave shcool for half the day to attend the class, which is at a seperate location than my original schol. But, I dont live in england, and I dont work at a gardening center.
Haha cool *High-Five* for graphic design!!
The Circles
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Yes, they must be kept
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