Grapple Gun?

does anybody have any idea how to make a grapple gun, like they use in Star Wars: Episode I?

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yes i'm trying to develop a batman type military grapple gun. it will take about a month or a year to the testing. and the making
solidfan8 years ago
Hypothetically speaking Use a Triple Sling Speargun for about $200and cut the spear tip off then get a steel grappling hook for about $30 then cut off the shaft of the grappling hook leaving only a couple of inches of the stem. Then finally get a pro to weld the pieces of the spear shaft and grappling tip together,You will also have to weld a small steel ring to the top of the shaft to accommodate the rope. Then test it with a heavy load maybe you and a friend can hang from a very low height and swing around to test it, then check for surface cracks. As for rope choice the movies show super thin ropes that look cool but impossible to climb in real life, solution use a thin light mountain climbing rope but tie bunches of knots in groups to keep weight down and grip up. It's risky business hanging from home made stuff so if you try it take extra caution and don't try it from a high place. This is just a hypothetical plan as to how to do this. So if you do it it's at your own risk.
GenAap6 years ago
Use the line gun instructable that won 2ed prise in the sugru contest but use a graple hook insted of a floater.
I never liked starwars, but I would make a crossbow...a strong one. And then have it shoot a grappling hook with some strong rope attached to it. You could also use a very strong spring for a smaller gun, if you wanted.
What about a pneumatic crossbow ??

geeeeeeezzzz just go out buy a nitefinder nerf gun add a spring do the rest of the mods take some nylon string attach that to those cheap coat hanger things u get at burlington or walmart take off the hooks duct tape and rubberband them together attach the string/rope and if u want it smaller just take out the insides of the gun
haguel8 years ago
use a bungie cord spring loaded hooks and an air rifle! p.s us a long bungie cord. 1.attach bungie cord to air rifle. 2.attach spring loaded hooks to bungie cord. 3.fier at destinated location
moniter man8 years ago
first, you will need a nerf gun, like the nitefinder. then you do all the mods you can possibly do. then you will need a 9 volt motor and mount it onto a vambrace or something like thar so you can connect to a couple of pulleys and gears. you will want to add a quick realease ratchet so yo can easily give some slack. now you will need a battery strong enough to run the motor and a chassis to hold it on your back. attach the battery to the motor with a couple of alligator clamps leading into a momantary switch near your thumb, so you can easily press it. next, you put your modded nerf gun on the end of the arm mount, and attach it wit a couple of hinges, so it can swing forward for use. you will wand to replace the existing spring witk a much much stronger spring, i suggest home depot, or lowes. now you just have make the grapple, (im leaving that to you) and attach it to a thin metal cable, or some nylon cord. make sure that the motor can easily retract, or else it will jam and not be very useful. hope this helped:-)
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