Great Knex Deals!

This is a forum of curiosity.

Ever bought some knex off ebay, or craiglist, or anywhere else? Got it for an awesome price? Share it here!

You can use this forum to show, brag, share, sell or advertise some awesome deals that you have/had while buying knex.

Here is my most recent on (pictured below), I bought 10 knex balls (10 half yellows and 10 half reds) for just $3! How awesome is that? =P

So... whats deals have you had?

Picture of Great Knex Deals!
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tjdtjd16 years ago
40 y connectors for £2 and 5.5k of knex for £30
315 dark grey connectors for 5$ on ebay
Tom Buckey7 years ago
I got 70 chain links for £5.99
crestind7 years ago
We're having a K'nex contest over at KI. The prize is a 350/400 Piece K'nex Tub!
No mini parts or bricks?
It looks like it has nothing but micros and bricks.
I added an alternate prize.
Great, a gift card for a store I never shop from. Why not a cash prize to US residents, then a gift card for people in other countries?
25k of pieces for £100. Beat that mother fu
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