Great Pro Account Giveaway!

I have, so far, published 179  instructables, many of which have been featured, and I have also been lucky enough to win a few contest prizes.

This means I have accumulated Pro codes.

A lot of Pro codes.

To be honest, it would take a genuine medical revolution for me to live long enough to be able to use them all, so I want to spread the joy.

But, you have to earn them.

All you have to do is post one of four things in the comments:
  • A photo or video of something you made by following one of my instructables. 
  • A photo or video of something you made that was (however vaguely) inspired by one of my instructables.
  • A link to an instructable of your own that you are kind of embarrassed about publishing, but can't really bring yourself to delete.
  • A photo of an instructable-related image you have spotted "in the wild" - say, an instructables shirt on a passing stranger, or you meet a dog-owner with their dog's back legs in a home-made wheelchair.

The ones I like (and I'm often easily pleased) will be sent a code to unlock a 3 month Pro account. If I'm really impressed, I will send a code for a full year's Pro.

This contest is open to absolutely anybody, anywhere, with no deadline (except for the natural deadline of running out of codes), and only one real rule: don't be greedy.

If you are already Pro, you can also nominate somebody else to receive the Pro code, or just pass it along to them yourself.

Feel free, as well, to share this topic with your friends you wish would join the site.

(What does turning Pro actually get you?)

A word of warning: if you do not use your code quickly, I may accidentally give the same code to somebody else, and if they use it first, you're kind of stuck...

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Now I am laughing at myself because I guess I just don't know how to add the pic or if I am the only one that can't see it. Chucks Kiteman, still so much to learn.
Kiteman (author)  bethhughes7064 years ago
I found it - code sent!
Thank you for that. Sorry for my learning curb, I hope I will be able to finish my other instructables in time. The kids costumes are so detailed. Thank you again and Happy Halloween!
Wait, here is a pic of the costume. The Geek Men Costumes.
I'm back.....Kiteman, I added an Instructable that I am entering for your contest and the costume contest. Thank you again for inspiring me to just go for it. I just am not sure how to attach it as a link or how I am able to get you to view it? Other than to say "check it out!" I just hope my Instructable is fun and encourages others to try it. Hope you like it.
vaziz4 years ago
hi i don't know if this count , it was what i had available in my computer , a cheap abacus i took it apart sprayed painted it to facilitate grouping by 5 and by ten for doing mental math . i took the idea from right start math , their abacus was a lot more expensive and too tiny for my 2 years old tiny fingers . We love our big size abacus .
Kiteman (author)  vaziz4 years ago
That counts - you should start posting the things you do like this.
Can I still enter just because you inspired me? By the way, I gave you and instructables a shout out on my husband's and my new podcast show yesterday. We still need time to edit it, but a big thank you to the Kiteman. I'll let you know all the details soon. Hope that you will give us a listen.
Kiteman (author)  bethhughes7064 years ago
Of course you can enter!

When the podcast is ready, why not create a new forum topic to let folk know?
That is a wonderful idea. I will absolutely do that. I will enter Ur contest asap. Thanks for all help and advice.
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