Great, awesome, and just plain cool Lego designs

Just for fun, show cool Lego designs you've made. Sure, you can do a search, but how about looking at amazing designs all at once. I, too, will post Lego designs, and this means everyone can show what they can really do with Legos. Anything from regular to Technic, even NXT is a great idea. Fill a Description on the idea, and have fun commenting on the amazing things that people will do. Have fun!

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username2526 years ago
Here's one thing I've made. Click here to see the Instructable.
BTW, this topic should be under a different forum.
Image 001.jpg
That is really cool! I wish I had some lego... :(
atomiclegocreations (author)  vishalapr6 years ago
To get some, you can just go to the store and there will be sets in the $15-25 dollar range.
but shipping to poland costs a lot!
atomiclegocreations (author)  vishalapr6 years ago
sorry, didn't know you lived in Poland. Perhaps someone you know has some they don't mind giving away?
atomiclegocreations (author) 6 years ago
so here's that Lego bank I was talking about. It can store a good amount of cash, until i had to salvage it to get Legos. Of course, it didn't hold AMERICAN currency, just some euros i got from one of my family members.
atomiclegocreations (author) 6 years ago
I've been to this instructable before. sorry about the fact of this topic needing to be under a different forum. nice though. It seemed complicated to me, but I think it was a great idea. one of the creations I was going to share was this coin bank that could store alot of cash. I destroyed it, but oh well, I made a Lego combonation lock, and only the lock, from the Lego Combination Safe.