Great idea!

Brilliant idea! :) If I were doing it I'd try to provide the following options: 1. wholesale (organic fairtrade) foodstuff 2. retail (organic fairtrade) ingredients for "cook your own" delicious nutritious meals (ideally with an option to use facilities on-site if possible, otherwise at home) 3. (organic fairtrade) restaurant serving meals. The trick would probably to be to come up with a few easy tasty healthy meals and bulk buy the ingredients. But with input from everyone in the wonderful open source way that shouldn't be a problem :)

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iceng5 years ago
So ... how is the ible restaurant doing ?
flio1918 years ago
Great idea, it's a little like the Threadless of restaurants, in a way! Any advancements?
Maybee it is more important that everybody participates, and following from this, and the fact that we are making something together we can have a discussion about where to go. The organic/non-organic discussion could be part of that.
Doctor What9 years ago
Organic? Do those restaurants do well?
People will pay ridiculous amounts for organic.
Depends on where it's located. In my city, people don't really pay any attention to organic.
is it available?
My stepdad runs an organic apple warehouse.
After the weekend I will start to list all the ideas so far, and also see in what department we're lacking ideas up until now and maybe ask some specific questions to you guys out there.
-I love the whole sale idea. It adds a completely new perspective. -On site facilities for cooking is also very interesting and will go on the list. -glad to have you thinking about this.