Green Lantern Movie Costume Replica

 Hi guys, beanie boy here, been looking for costumes and just got my
hands on the green lantern game. I want to use fun foam, but I need some ...
HELP!!!!! I will be posting an instructable on it as soon as you give me some ...

Picture of Green Lantern Movie Costume Replica
the_real_mccoy_ (author) 5 years ago
I think i found my problem. I DONT HAVE **** ACCOUNT!!!
Honus5 years ago
There are several people that have done a GL costume but it's pretty difficult to do the movie style costume. Most of the movie style costumes I've seen have been custom printed. I did do a search on the RPF movie prop/costume forum for fan made costumes and found a bunch of info- just search for Green Lantern in the costume forum.

Hope this helps!
the_real_mccoy_ (author) 5 years ago
Got new idea about using EL wire to light it up. NEED HELP!!!