Greenpeace You Are My Sunshine Compact Flourescent Campaign

Use an energy efficient light until light shines out of your ...

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zzag10 years ago
and after everyone goes to fluorescent, greenpeace will be asking for handouts so they can campaign against the use of fluorescents because of heavy metals... creating their own job security i suppose (if it can be called a job)
I'm still waiting for LED light bulbs *cough*Contest idea, anyone?*cough*
I was thinking about that, mainly based off Kipkay's magic light bulb. ;-)
Well, HB sells 10 Watt, 450 Lumen power LEDs, roughly equivalent to a 40W incandescent, or 9-13 Watt CFL.

Unfortunately, LEDs are far more prone to overheating because they're pretty much a point lightsource, and an overheated LED is no better than a CFL, efficiency-wise...
This reminds me of another video...

Excellent - both of those! :-D
ROFLMAO! Thats funny! I don't like the greanpeace one as much
Haha, that was great! Nice find!
chaoscampbell10 years ago
I don't know..... I'm all for environment and stuff......... but half the time it feels like it greenpeace who's blowing the sunshine up there half the time.
lmao, I love stupid adds.