Grey bar at the top of the page...

Today was for first time this happened to me (note:  at this machine, the OS is WinXP, and so the browser being MSIE can not be upgraded higher than 7). the grey bar near the top of the page  (where  SIGN IN is slightly higher in the right hand corner), prevented me from signing in.   The drop down box slid behind the grey line.  I only managed to get a sign on screen by trying to post here (and then it of course, prompts you to sign in or join).

Picture of Grey bar at the top of the page...
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oesti4 years ago
That is what it looks like on a clean IE10. I get the feeling that had no development / maintenance crew left?
2013-06-07 09.59.04.jpg
Goodhart (author)  oesti4 years ago
Funny, it does it everywhere I have gone EXCEPT when I click Get Started...then it works O_0
Goodhart (author)  oesti4 years ago
It works fine for me at home, with IE (whatever I have for Win7) FF and Chrome. Just not at work
Goodhart (author) 4 years ago
This hasn't least not on the browser I need to use at work.
Have you updated your browser since your last reply?
Goodhart (author)  mikeasaurus4 years ago
no, with the machine being a work machine (it doesn't do it at home), and the OS being XP, I am limited. The next "update", IIRC doesn't work on XP
rimar20004 years ago
I had some "rare" and annoying problems, until I reinstalled Firefox. Try it with MSIE, it is an easy and fast tentative solution.
Goodhart (author)  rimar20004 years ago
BTW: as I stated above, I have the troubles at work only, with a Win XP machine using MSIE 7....which is the highest XP supports. "Well that's your problem right there'
Goodhart (author)  rimar20004 years ago
Its a work machine so I can't mess with it TOO much :-)
Ninzerbean4 years ago
I love that sign!
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