Gripping your Bokken

Hey you sword gurus of I'ble. I have a question, is it appropriate to cover your bokken's handle ( gripping it ) with coverings like tape, cloth or something like that? I mean I saw this on an anime called shaman king, where a character named ryu covers his bokken handle in cloth to have a better grip. I tried doing that, and it works. Now, what I am asking is that is this allowed? I mean will you get scolded at by your sensei or something in aikido or kendo practice for doing that? because people very rarely give their bokken a grip job, so would it kill the ' traditional ' wooden sword look? thanks in advance. P.S: I just finished making a nice, homemade bokken, so expect a bokken I'ble from me anytime soon!

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I wrapped my tsuka in electrical tape, than cut a long (and i mean long) peice of ducktape. Tape the sticky sides together, so its half the thickness. Then cut 25% o the edge wrap it around the electrical tape like tsuka-ito. Looks authentic, and is great to grip.
Camisado (author)  neonachronism9 years ago
Cool. I'll try that out.
Aeshir9 years ago
On my wooden sword I have hockey tape on the handle. It takes a while to get unsticky though (the outside, not the inside that's facing the handle), but I guess you could wash it a bunch to speed up the unsticky-fying.
IfritBlaze9 years ago
Well, I've seen some Kendo competitors get scolded for doing this, but it certainly helps you! I used grip tape or cloth. P.S: Hi Haze!
Camisado (author)  IfritBlaze9 years ago
Hi Risa..... And really? But I guess it's okay for me....... My and Gibi stopped going to sensei Wen's classes, so we have this awesome new sensei come to our house every Sundays. His name is sensei Joe.
KentsOkay9 years ago
I don't see any reason not to... Suggestion? Tooled leather makes a better grip, but of course rayskin's best, but that's rather hard to get...
Camisado (author)  KentsOkay9 years ago
Well, cloth or electrical tape works best for me, I used electrical tape for better looks, though..... and thanks for posting!

, any more thoughts? ,
Camisado (author) 9 years ago