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 Heeeelllloooo!So i just wanted to talk about my group Optical Illusions,and yes I know it looks like there is 3 I's but it's actually 1I and 2L's.This group is about magic or DUH optical illusions.Ibles and videos must come to me before published.I will post updates every Tuesday,Friday,or Saturday.If I have time any other days I will update.My only rules are if you try to post a bad video I might give you a warning first but the second time you try I will kick you out.Well that is all you need to know.Oh wait one more thing...I will change the picture every month. 

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Knave125 (author) 6 years ago
What exactly am I supposed to see in that pic? It just sits there.
stare into the midle orb
i did, and i saw the future!!
ooh ooh, what happened?
there was lots of grass, and happy and unicorns and dancing :D
there was also some shiny because the sun exploded alot
Hooray! I knew noah didn't forget the unicorns! :)
^ _ ^
he made sure to pack those first.
also they can float, which likely helped
heh heh he threw them overboard! to much weight to get through the gorge! That's why the've been missing for so long! Ah don't you love it when the mysteries of the world are solved ;)
hahhahaha yep XD
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