Grow 100 lbs of potatoes in 4 square feet

Learn how to grow 100 lbs. of potatoes* in a tiny plot with some lumber, potato seeds, and some careful watering. When I move into a new place where I can finally put my garden this is one idea I'd love to try out and see if it works.

And then I will be the Spud King of my neighborhood, giving potatoes to all the kids for Halloween because that's a lot more than I normally eat.

Link via Lifehacker

*45 kg in .37 square meters for everyone else

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Flumpkins8 years ago
That is a lot of potato chips
gnomedriver8 years ago
Could you eat 100 pounds of spuds in a month?
Mmmmm, taters. I've been considering growing them in buckets. I thought that could be fun. And I do eat lots of them. They're good with everything!
Including but not limited to, Chocolate, Tuna, Whit fish, butter, beans, Tuna AND EVEN CHOCOLATE (omg really???). Ohh did i mention that potatoes are good with Tuna?????????????????????
Roasted garlic is good with chocolate too, believe it or not. :D I don't like tuna, though...
Have you ever had real tuna ? I love Tuna steak, especially grilled on the barbie. ;-)
Nope! I've only ever had white fish. I keep being told I need to try salmon, too.
Yeah, salmon and tilapia are both pretty mild, but salmon is a good bet (without the healthy skin that normally comes on one side of a has most of the Omega-3 oils in it, but that skin also has most of the slight fishy taste in it too; so, removed, there is almost no fishy taste).

A grilled Tuna steak is very NON-fishy too :-) but a bit pricey
It's not too terribly pricey if you eat a proper portion, about 5 ounces, that brings the cost around here to about $5 a person per meal. I'm shocked that Jessy admits to only ever having had whitefish, she needs to be introduce to an all you can eat catfish fry at a church, or crab stuffed halibut with lemon butter in a fancy bistro, or lake perch anywhere in Chicago. Tilapia, yeah I eat it, wouldn't recommend it. Tonight is Norwegian grilled salmon with rice and a Caesar salad, or maybe a steamed artichoke.
Well, I have difficulties setting down and eating only 5 oz of meat or fish, really. Figuring per pound, that comes to more then $15 a me, that is pricey :-)
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