Guerilla Ganja Discussion

Photohippie wanted us to continue our discussion, but Grandpiper made a good point that the comments would be irrelevant to the Instructable and would clutter it all up. I figure that in a forum we can get more ideas on the matter, and I think it's something worth discussing.

What was said so far...
GrandPiper says:
I always wanted to do this with marijuana seeds. They grow fast and can survive under pretty harsh conditions. Im sure they would get pulled up eventually but if you hit enough spots with them and planted close to 20 or whatever a spot, i think it would really send a statement to your city. I wanted to do it preferably in the downtown area, add some green life to the dead concrete jungle.

Valche says:
Usually I try to leave positive comments, but that's a stupid idea. I'm all for legalization, but planting pot isn't going to make any statement other than "Wow, some pothead thinks they're cool."

GrandPiper says:
Hmm what's your idea then? Writing your politicians so they can blow us off for lobbyists? How is my idea much more different then marching in the streets? The guerrilla growing is a way to say "hey i dont think smoking marijuana is as bad as other legal drugs" and it also doesnt expose yourself to the police as a marijuana smoker. This can be done in the cover of the night and you could carry a lot of seeds without being noticed.

Sorry for posting a response irrelevant to the instructable! and Valche if you want to discuss this further, send me a pm.

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crapflinger5 years ago
while i'd like for pot to be legal, this idea (Ganja bombs) is about the same as if you were to leave guns lying around in the street because you didn't like gun control laws.

if pot were legal, it would be legal like alcohol or tobacco, it would need regulation. you'd have to have a minimum legal consumption age, etc...

if you just go around planting pot plants all over creation like johnny apple seed then a lot of kids are going to get their hands on the stuff in an uncontrolled and unsupervised manner.
twarder5 years ago
Ganja law is crazy everywhere you go. I went to north thailand and the guesthouse owner came to chill with us, he said he had some ganja from a police friend who seize it from the tribal people. It was a large bag but that batch was almost pure seeds. I learned later that the tribal people use hemp to make their clothing, so they probably not really 'drug users'. Sadly I think they went to jail for it anyway.
Punkergal8 years ago
Has anyone seen the Rick Steve's conversation about marijuana? It was on OnDemand in WA for awhile...it was a really great program...The main point of it was taxpayers are wasting their money sending potsmokers to jail when potsmokers are such a mimimal threat...Viva la Ganja Goddess! Prohibition was abolished because the people didn't want it as a law, and the same thing should be happening with marijuana laws...
The smokers themselves are a minimal threat, I will give you that, but the reason they are being sent to jail is to try and shut down the whole trade. Currently issues are showing up on the Mexican border with the drug funded gangs carrying out murders and other major crimes. So funding the drug trade is very similar to just sending money over to the terrorists in Iraq.
albertross8 years ago
With any form of guerilla gardening you would be encouraging overreaction. In the case of marijuana, you may find that the police form a task force in response increasing the tax burden and further filling the jails/prisons. Do you think they will have inmates or community service workers combing every green area looking for pot? They would recruit a phalanx of cadets to be standing in every field, park and yard looking for "those who sponsor terrists."
LinuxH4x0r8 years ago
Legalize weed, make alcohol illegal
Legalize both.
no, just weed
But weed does more damage to your body than alcohol.
reedz xACIDITYx8 years ago
Why would you legalize either? They both do some form of damage and are not necessary.
fshwcrs reedz8 years ago
How about we let PEOPLE decide what is best for THEMSELVES? Prohibition only makes contraband more valuable, and the more valuable something is on the black market, the harder (read: more violently) people will work protect that slice of pie. It's nobody's business what I eat, drink or smoke besides my own.
Because if you made alcohol illegal people would use other drugs instead. Weed isn't that much different from tobacco either.
So it is a destructive compromise? How about harsher consequences for illegal drugs?
Harsher penalties are whats wrong with it today. This Drug War has filled our prisons with hard-working, wholehearted individuals whos only crime was smoking marijuana, or selling. The evidence is overwhelming on cannabis's part. Harder drugs i just do not understand. People know its bad but still use them. Non-violent crimes are nothing to send a person to jail for, but there are exceptions of course.
Hmm... Legalize the marijuana.
Thought you'd say so! :)-o
GrandPiper8 years ago
I agree with you on many levels. I just thought that planting a beautiful, natural, living thing amongst the bricks and cement would be nice, even on a personal level. However, I do think that planting the marijuana would be a lot nicer then spraying graffiti or any other kind of vandalism. I actually think the pamphlets are a good idea. If someone sees something that interests and engages them, I'm sure they would sit down to read a small, straightforward pamphlet.
Valche (author) 8 years ago
Grandpiper, while I agree that direct action is a good way of getting things done, I don't believe that this is the way to go about it. Those who believe in cannabis law reform have an image to combat, which would be that of the lazy, unruly, disrespectful burnout. In order to show that cannabis does indeed belong, or that it can at least reside in mainstream society, we need to make it clear that the supporters and cultivators of marijuana are responsible, honest, clear-thinking individuals. Brazenly planting an illegal plant in broad view of everyone in the area will only serve to strengthen that perception and will in fact hinder the progress of law reform. If direct action is what you're after, i suggest grassroots stuff. Talk to your neighbors, relatives, friends, whoever. Give out pamphlets (and please, dress neatly!) The only sure way to reform is through acceptance, not force.
Valche (author)  Valche8 years ago
Sorry to double-post, but Grandpiper, how would you like to explain to the police your reason for having X amount of seeds in your pockets should you get caught? Also, marijuana is not an easy plant to cultivate, and the viability of readily available seeds in any quantity would be questionable.
reedz Valche8 years ago
I notice... we have not heard from GrandPiper yet....
. Playing Johnny Potseed may bring one under manufacture/cultivation statutes, which tend to have much harsher penalties than simple possession. Possession of seeds would probably put you in the same boat. . . While it may not be easy to cultivate high-THC pot, just growing a plant is very easy. Hemp grows wild in many parts of the US Midwest (feral plants from WWII era). Why do you think they call it weed? heehee
I agree, except for maybe the pamphlet part. People (especially the close-minded ones) just don't read anymore!
. Excellent points.
reedz8 years ago
This is the most adult way to handle a discussion that I have seen so far on instructables.