Guerrilla gardeners green their city on secret moonlit missions

CNN discovers the growing Guerrilla Gardening movement, in a nice article by Lara Farrar:

Guerrilla gardeners green their city on secret moonlit missions
Story Highlights
# Guerrilla gardeners cultivate neglected land without asking for permission
# Guerrillas meet for digs in night to make over derelict patches of dirt
# Richard Reynolds says he has helped create 28 guerrilla gardens in London
# Artist Liz Christy founded first guerrilla group in 1973 in New York City

Of course, here on Instructables, we've known about Guerrilla Gardening for quite a while. Check out the following cool projects:

Moss bombs
Water bottle sprinkler cap
How to plant flowers on your sidewalk
Moss Graffiti
Electric seed hopper for remote gardening

There's also the Reap what you Sow & Guerilla Gardening group...

Picture of Guerrilla gardeners green their city on secret moonlit missions
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reedz7 years ago
I actually have an instructable on this that I will be posting soon, I'm just waiting for a contest
Patrik (author)  reedz7 years ago
Cool! Wouldn't happen to be about seed balls, would it? We could sure use an instructable on that topic...
reedz Patrik7 years ago
Actually no, it's about petty theft, vandalism, destruction of public property and of course... transplanting trees. It will make a lot more sense when it is posted.
=SMART= reedz7 years ago
cant wait :P
Kiteman7 years ago
This happens in the UK as well, but quite genteelly - the gardeners I saw on TV were mainly middle-aged.
tech-king7 years ago
even better: drive by at night and throw mint seeds. mint grows like a weed
Our lawn used to be a flowerbed, plus a few herbs. The mint still grows through the grass, which makes the clippings smell quite interesting.