Guess Who Got His Drivers License?

Me. :P

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my aunt let my cousin drive around a really big parking lot with only 1 othor car in it that was in a small corner far away. she never went over 5 miles an hour. she is 15.guess what she hit. i am so exited she will be on the road soon.
FaqMan8 years ago
Congratz buddy
Sunbanks8 years ago
I still have to ride the bus with the little kids that are rather creepy -_-
I rarely drove to school, once I got my license.....why waste gas money when my parents had already paid to get me there and back? :-)
My parents won't let me near the cars even though I've had my license since 3/21. Its actually faster to walk than to drive.
Yes, you are right, but, if you have a bike, you can go far more faster than car in a traffic jam!
My bike is broken :(
Didn't know penguins were good sprinters....
Derin Keith-Kid8 years ago
The Mercedes Sprinter is also a good sprinter. :P
Keith-Kid Derin8 years ago
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