Guess how many pieces Catastropha has

Ok, some of you may have noticed my ball machine Catastropha. If you haven't then take a look at it! :D

Well, the point is: I'm making a contest, just guess how many pieces it uses. Every person can only guess once, dead line is Friday next week, even if I'm not finished counting pieces then. Oh, and a number can only be guessed once, otherwise just the first post wins.
First place will receive a patch and a three-mounth pro-membership.
Second and third place will receive a patch.

And yes, the pics attached ARE Catastropha xD

Xeda (from a other forum) - 3,700
Kerm (from a other forum) - 4,000
DJ Radio - 9,000
Juju (from a other forum) - 15,176
jsj795 (from a other forum) - 18,894
patriots8888 - 19,978
parser padwan (from a other forum) - 21,438
sathothy - 27,478
KneXtreme - 27,500
CassisDude98 - 28,500
RNB - 28,538
martijnb95 - 29,999
jmiester - 30,500
monsterlego - 32,347
I_am_Canadian - 36,000
turiqwalrus - 40,000
superbestknex - 47,000
knexinventer - 47,687
knex man2 - 56,267
Kjelddy (from a other forum) - 75,000
altair ibn la ahad - 100,000

Picture of Guess how many pieces Catastropha has
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Sorunome (author) 5 years ago
Ok, contest i over! Catastropha used a hole lot of 25,422 pieces!
That puts sathothy on first place, KneXtreme on second place and CassisDude98 on third place! I'll send immidiatly the patches and give out the pro-membership! :)
Kiteman5 years ago
More than 9...
More than 10...
Sorunome (author)  monsterlego5 years ago
did you two mean that serious?
Way to derail a potentially-enormous thread... :-D

Sorunome (author)  Kiteman5 years ago
Hey! Why does that smiley have a nose? :P
To sniff out spam?
Sorunome (author)  Kiteman5 years ago
See, noses are evil and smiles without noses are a lot better! :)
|:-) :-( :-| :-@
Sorunome (author)  monsterlego5 years ago
hey! that's evil! Smileys WITHOUT noses RULE!!!!!!!!! :P:P:P
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