How Many Pieces?-Contest: Winners Announced!

Hello everyone! Now that I finished Cataclysm, I decided to hold a contest. And, first prize is a 3-month Pro membership!

After a week of demolishing and counting, the grand total is 28,538! Here are the winners:

1. fishgish509-28765

2. firebombfury-28000

3. sprout_less-29,500

Congrats to the winners, and thanks to everyone for entering the contest! :-)
Special thanks to Hiyadudez for designing the patches for me.

I posted some pictures below of Cataclysm's deconstruction, and the piles and boxes of pieces.

The contest is simple: just post a comment below and guess how many Knex pieces are in Cataclysm (pictured below). The 3 people who guess the number closest to the actual number will win!

-Only one guess per person.
-If you guess the same number as someone else, the person who guessed it first will count (so don't guess a number that someone else already guessed).

1st place- 3-month Pro membership, and a patch
2nd place- Patch
3rd place- Patch
All the patches will be different (one saying first place, second place, etc.). I will be providing the patches and Pro membership.

The contest ends in a week on Sunday October 10th.

Good luck! :-D

Picture of How Many Pieces?-Contest: Winners Announced!
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Hiyadudez7 years ago
Lol, I'm on my new Ipad!!!!

Shadowman39 (author)  Hiyadudez7 years ago
Lucky. How much do those cost?
$499.99 is the price for an iPad. We have one too!
ElvenChild7 years ago
22,573 is my very rough estimate
that was probably my closest guess to anything ever
Lowney6 years ago
lol you should have made a time lapse video of dismantling it, then playing it in reverse so it looks like you're building it. Would have been interesting to see :P
Shadowman39 (author)  Lowney6 years ago
I've had that idea for some time now, except in stop motion. I'm going to do it with my next ball machine. :-)
Tornado967 years ago
looks like there are other people who like to be exact. :-)
RNB Tornado967 years ago
Yes, I like it to be exact. (and I think this is wrong Enlish, but I don't know how to say it correct :-) )
Tornado96 RNB7 years ago
You spelt it fine. BTW don't forget to post your guess. :-)
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