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Apologies to Wario, we've hijacked your original topic...So here's a new one that (might) stay on topic... Wario's OP: Well all of you welcome to my little group, heres our first topic, Should there be an instructible about how to create an amplifier? I think so because they are always expensive to buy, to build one though would be fun as well as useful, now you tell me and everyone else your opinion.

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I've always wanted to take on a project like that, just never seem to find the time to do it.

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Goodhart9 years ago
How about a Guitar Tuning Electronic Aid ? I have the schematics for that somewhere around here.....
gmoon (author)  Goodhart9 years ago
Sounds like a plan. Someone (gschoppe?) posted a nice LED tuner. Always room for more...
Goodhart gmoon9 years ago
well, it would require a good ear to use what I had planned. since the first string of a guitar (E) would produce a frequency of 82.4 Hz.. There are several ways to do this (and since one can tune the rest of the strings, once the E string is tuned, this should be all required). But, if this is overly simplistic in it's approach, I will leave it.
gmoon (author)  Goodhart9 years ago
A tuning standard is a good idea. You wouldn't need a great ear, because of the "beat frequency" that's created when overlaying the guitar and tuner signals. If the two aren't right on, you get a prominent out-of-phase beat. (having all six freqs might be a good, tho...the instrument's intonation can effect the accuracy of tuning from one string, although 'harmonic' tuning usually works...)
roze209 years ago
John, what you for that if you are really interested to play gutar in proper way.. contact at training institution.. there will be nudes and formula ...for playing gutar...
so if is hard to get the instruction here...
contact institution for that..

It's no secret that Fender makes great guitar amps, but which one is the best? We think it's the Blues Junior. Find out why.
mondaymonkey10 years ago
Thanks. I am interested in why tube parts are so expensive other than their rarity. I have many things I want to do to a Aria STG 006 I have lying at home. I bought it cuz it was cheap, and a perfect guitar to mod. Its a HSH Strat and the woods very good quallity, as much as i can tell, tis a single piece body:D. It has some issues with grounding, and the pickups aren't the greatest, although their okay. I heard Mighty Mites are powerful mothers, and are worth the 40 bucks 3 times over. Also, I am wanting to put in a killswitch in. With these mods, its gonna haul ass. On the Amp side of things, i have a Vox Ad30 (yea, i know, i know, i should buy the AC30 but whos got 1500 bucks nowadays? the AD sells for 250) Any comments on any suggestions?
I too know o play guitor .... but i dint have any proper guidence... if anybody there to teach me guitor??....if you are willing mail me......

Thank you


It's no secret that Fender makes great guitar amps, but which one is the best? We think it's the Blues Junior. Find out why.

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gmoon (author)  mondaymonkey10 years ago
This finally made the forum, more than 12 hrs after I got the post as a 'reply.' I already answered you via PM, but it's still on-topic...

I've got a strat copy also (my trash-o-caster instructable) that has cheapo pickups. Mighty Mites are something I've considered, too. If one of us pulls the trigger and does it, we should post...

Re: tube amp parts-- Yes, the rarity has something to do with it. But they are also just complex devices to manufacture. You can usually find an individual tube for an OK price, but it adds up quickly.

The biggest single expense is the transformers. Since tubes require so many different voltages (heater, plate A & B, etc.) at relatively higher amperage than SS, the transformers tend to be pricey. Especially since modern devices usually only require 5V, 12V or +-12V (24v.) They just don't make many of the older type trannies, hence the cost. And a tube amp needs an output transformer, too.

A Vox AC30 would rock! If that's your sound, try to get one. And keep it--I know many who are crying over all the gear they sold in the past, much of which is worth $$$$$ today...
Wario9 years ago
no worries, what you wanna do with the topic is up to you guys.
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