Guitar Hero Carabiner.

What do you guys think about Guitar Hero Carabiner? It looks totally awesome to me!

Picture of Guitar Hero Carabiner.
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xACIDITYx8 years ago
I've seen it in stores. IMHO... @yuck@
Vynash (author)  xACIDITYx8 years ago
My sister has to. What are you talking about "IMHO... @yuck@"
IMHO means In My Humble Opinion.
Honest opinion... No one on the internet is humble.
Hey, he makes a point!
Then again is anybody on the internet honest?
Vynash (author)  xACIDITYx8 years ago
Boo gituar hero! Do something good with your life! May I suggest birdwatching?
Vynash (author)  I_am_Canadian8 years ago
......Guitar hero is way better than bird watching......
Not even close!