Guitar Pedal Prototypes

Don't get me wrong, I love acoustic guitars... But I love a good crazily distorted guitar that almost sounds like a synth. Rage against the machine's guitarist Tom Morello epitomizes that wild sound for me.

Most good bands have an instantly recognizable sound and one of the ways a guitarist can distinguish zer self is to use a unique set of pedals. Now you could go buy a set and find just the right setup for your taste... or you can build your own. Best part is, there's no soldering involved:

Bevis Board


Picture of Guitar Pedal Prototypes
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This is excellent! I didn't know such a glorious breadboard existed! I need one...
j-plan8 years ago
will have to ignore the 'be nice' policy. what kind of tutorial is this??? its just a suggestion not a instructable!!!! in the words of bart simpson, eat my shorts!!!! :)
You may need to write on the board 100 times,
I will read the links before commenting. I will read the links before commenting. I will read the links before commenting...

This is a forum topic to bring about discussion and bring attention to an idea someone wanted to share. A breakout prototyping system box is a good idea for the makers out there, and specific for the design of guitar effects boxes. If you tried building one, making pcb boards or wiring everything in free air can get hairy as you experiment.
lol, fair enough, point taken, but i expected to see an instructable, i a bit frustrated cause i see loads of people copying each others instructables but hardly any new ideas, this, in fairness, is a good topic to discuss, hopefully it will lead to some good results, and so, my apologies for trying to feed you my shorts : ) i have written on the board 200 ties just to be sure ive learnd m lesson, lol, just kidding! alll the best, dude
No worries, I believe the author was an intern or on staff and had posted the topic. Part of their job is to provide inspiration for the readers so they repost things they find that might be of interest to the DIY audience. So, you should take the initiative to build a guitar-pedal-prototyping box. It seems you want it so why not do it yourself? Be sure to post an instructable!
velmis8 years ago
If this is sutch a good idea i think you should elaborate... mostly cause im one of those crazy dist lovers... : )
NachoMahma9 years ago
. Excellent idea! One of those why-didn't-I-think-of-that things.
Yeap! Definitely an "On behalf of everybody here, I would like to say: muh-huh?!?!?!" situation... :)
velmis8 years ago