Guitar effect-pedal built into the guitar

Hey, I thought if it's possible to add the electronics from a guitar pedal to the guitar itself. It would obviously take some space, but it didn't seem impossible to me. Any ideas, is this even a realistic idea? I must do some more research on how much place it would take and how to wire etc. Any help or thoughts are welcome!

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gmoon9 years ago
You should go for it...but you should also know that it's not a new idea.

From the Vox wiki page:
In 1967 VOX even introduced a series of guitars, among them the Delta phantom style guitar and bass, the Starstream teardrop 6-string, and Constellation teardrop bass, which featured built in effects such as fuzz tone, "repeater" tremolo, and even a wah wah operated by the heel of the picking hand pushing on a spring loaded lever over the bridge.

And when I was in college, my roommate had an Electra LP clone, with plug-in FX modules. So there's lots of "prior art," not to mention several manufacturer's attempts to meld the guitar and the organ.

But the idea is still inherently cool. my attempt to do it for < $5
}{itch gmoon8 years ago
I've got a vox phantom soloist! It was my dads old old guitar he handed down to me. Its freakin awesome, allthoug in a slight state of disreapir.
gmoon }{itch8 years ago
Ah, sweet. That's a wicked cool guitar.

Don't sell it, even if you're tempted by something shiny. ;-) It can be fixed...
}{itch gmoon8 years ago
oh hell no! i love that guitar too much! :D When i got it it had been in the possession of my brother who had taken it upon himself to cover the body in slightly odd sticky black paint and tipex and cover the neck in sellotape. Spent a solid day with a scalpel delicatley scraping the paint and tipex off. Slowly working on fixing the pickups and a few minor electrical faults. I need to find some way to un-bow the neck, think it got left strung up in the storage for quite a while. Ian Curtis-Love will tear us apart FTW!
gmoon }{itch8 years ago
Yeah, even the cheap Teisco knock-offs are worth $300+. A Vox in good condition might be worth 2-4 times that...not that you should care so much about the value--it's just a cool guitar.

If the neck bow isn't extreme, a truss rod adjustment might cure the problem. It's a common issue with old guitars--particularly if there were stored in an attic, or somewhere too warm...

I hope the paint, etc. came off OK.

and please smack your bro one in the head...
}{itch gmoon8 years ago
Heres a photo of it in it's current state :D. Paint came off pretty well (the ware on the bottom edge was there before then scraping). I'll have to give the truss rod a tweak and see if the neck straightes out.
Since reciving the guitar 2 years ago i still give my bro dissapoinated looks at every oportunity.
gmoon }{itch8 years ago
It looks pretty darn good. I wonder if your Dad still has the whammy bar...(most of those were lost when people removed 'em to keep the guitars in tune.) Don't overdue the truss rod--they can break. Just quarter turns, and check with a straight edge, if it's unstrung.
Do you think that one of those lever controlled wah wahs could be bought from the factory today?
For your hand, like the old Vox guitars? No, I don't think anyone makes a similar device today. It's a fine project idea, though. Some where on ibles is a sophisticated controller that uses a touchpad...
Thanks I'll look for it,and thanks for the heel size link.
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