Guitar solo competition - ENTRIES NEEDED

I had this idea in a dream yesterday night. It involved me performing live (with a jackson king V) with megadeth and doing a guitar solo, which I won an instructables shirt from. I thought about it, and I guess it could work (without the prize, of course). Your guitar solo must be 30 seconds long at least, and anywhere up to 2 minutes. It can't be in sound file format, it must be in a video with sound (preferably youtube or similar). At the end, you must state your instructables name so I know it is you. You must also play to a backing track. I will post examples at some point, but you can make them yourself if you wish. I will need:
3 non-participating judges, preferably with musical experience. (Rap does NOT count Dj).
As many entrants as possible!
I will be entering as well, so I will not judge.

The solos must be marked on:
Musicality /10
Technical skill /10
Scales used /5 (1 point for each, 5 being maximum)
Complexity /10
Fluency /10
Enjoyability /5
Total: /50.

The Judges:
logic boy

All entries must be in by March 1st 2010, then judging commences. The player with the highest total mark out of 150 is the winner, and will receive a prize of some sort. Perhaps a patch from a pro member, or a rating. This is chosen by each of the judges. Good luck, happy soloing!

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Heres my video:) made this backing track on my keyboard
I can't believe that no one has replied directly to this video yet. Really good stuff man! I was impressed to say the least!
I'm going to ressurrect this contest later in the year because I didn't get as many entries as I wanted. I really liked your solo there, it has a lot of great stuff in it. I'll make sure to message you when I do get round to it.
Robot Lover7 years ago
can we enter them even though its over? for fun?
The Jamalam (author)  Robot Lover7 years ago
 Feel free, there aren't many entries and I'm going to resurrect it after I've got my software back.
how about a bass-GUITAR solo
 my entry
The Jamalam (author)  IbanezAustin7 years ago
Beatiful, man. Really liked all of it, kept me listening for the whole thing. Good luck, I'm extending the deadline because of lack of entry.
ajleece8 years ago
Hey, even though i'm judging, here is an entry from me.

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