Gummi Bear Chandelier

So basically an artist named YaYa Chow (cool name) made a chandelier by stringing gummi bears together....

The resulting effect is actually very good, The various shades give out a nice colour.

But i'm wondering : How many did she eat in the process ?


Picture of Gummi Bear Chandelier
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ThePyro8 years ago
Amazing!! Candy lighting fixtures! XD
tarzioo8 years ago
JellyWoo8 years ago
i think this is the real link to YaYa Chow's website.
Thanks for that - look beneath the gummi frivolity, and Ya Ya Chow seems to be an outstanding artist. This is called "Exhumation":
Kiteman Kiteman8 years ago
(Oops, image didn't work)
cool, is that chocolate? it seems yaya has a whole gummy bear collection!
It's a bronze, actually.
FaqMan Kiteman8 years ago
My good art of chocolate that is something.
Create1238 years ago
That would be a lot of sugar, and tasty, of course!!
Giant cockroach bait.
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