Gun in Making: Anti-Tank Rifle Mk. 2

I am posting pics of a gun I am currently making. It will be a very long gun, probably 4' 8", but I ran out of pieces, so I will not know for a few weeks. The reason I am calling it "Anti-Tank" is because it is the ONLY knex rifle I know of that can fire the 7 1/2" grey/black rods, and it is the "Mk. 2" because the first version did not work. This rifle was inspired by the anti-tank rifle from Battlefield 2142. Enjoy. If this turns out, I should have an instructable up in a month or so. Pic 1: The gun so far. Pic 2: The gun so far from the back. 6/6 UPDATE:I have designed the trigger system today. It will not be a block trigger, but a sear system, which means that it now has a true trigger. I have also added a pic of the internals, as danny suggested.

Picture of Gun in Making: Anti-Tank Rifle Mk. 2
Anti-Tank Rifle 002.jpg
Anti-Tank Rifle.jpg
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DJ Radio8 years ago
Did you ever finish?
Whaleman (author)  DJ Radio8 years ago
Grim10 years ago
I dare ya to take out a tank with it... o.O
Whaleman (author)  Grim10 years ago
Nope, sorry, I use state-of-the-art store-brand sugar for that.
Grim Whaleman10 years ago
Genuinely confused.
Bartboy Grim9 years ago
he means he make a huge piple of sugar, then knocks it onto the tank, DUH
Whaleman (author)  Grim9 years ago
Good for you.
how come when i click on yellow boxes it says "typed by you"
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