Gundam Helmet

I've already started working on my Halloween costume, which is a scaled down version of a giant Japanese fighting robot otherwise known as a Gundam Suit. I've finished everything except the helmet, which I am having serious trouble trying to build.

The attached image is what I am trying to replicate.

If anyone can post pictures or make an instructable and link me to it, it would be appreciated.

Thank you!


Picture of Gundam Helmet
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jooknon6 years ago
Why not start with the old balloon and paper mache to give you a good hard base that should fit your head fairly well. Then attach your cardboard to that.
mbeaulieu6 years ago
I do not have an instruct able per-say but i would recommend you get a motorcycle helmet and work from there. The old style kind will provide a nice base. Cardboard will work nicely from there, as it can be sanded and spray painted. Good luck.
Tomcat94 (author)  mbeaulieu6 years ago
Thank you! I've already started working on it by making the helmet with cardboard. With the magic of spackling paste and sandpaper, things are running along smoothly. Thanks again!

- Tom
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