What airsoft guns do you have? I am getting a echo 1 g36c and I have a cheap springer

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Molybdenum6 years ago
CYMA Ak 74u with the following upgrades:
g&g bearing spring guide
SHS Al cylinder head (teflon taped, mouse pad foam used to correct AoE.)
Systema bucking ( internals removed, roteted 90*, whiped with dental floss)
g&p explosive piston head (O-ring expanded)
SHS Piston
Deans plugs
9.6v 2/3 amp elite battery
Madbull m120
O-ring nozzle of unknown brand ( slightly shortened, it was to long)
Also the usual diy mods: Barrel spacered with e-tape. Reshimed/relubed. Tappet plate sanded. Cylinder polished.

16 rps, 404 +/- 2 fps, 14" grouping at 180 feet. at last measurement.
hungyhipo 27 years ago
I have my smith and wesson m&p that I already said but about 5 days ago I got an ics mp5 from a guy for around 70$ less than the regular price and it is a full metal upper receiver
jakee117 (author)  hungyhipo 27 years ago
 wow bro. thats a really good deal. you should enjoy that haha
geek277 years ago
A couple of months ago, I got a cheapish (around 100 dollars) gas blowback.  It's an HFC M9, in full metal and with an option of fully automatic firing.  I probably should have gotten the KJW model of the M9, but I ended up with the lesser-respected HFC because of the full-auto feature.
jakee117 (author)  geek277 years ago
 yeah. hfc deff always seemed cool. but i saw people with them, and they break pretty fast. but they're SO cool haha
hungyhipo 27 years ago
I have a smith and wesson m&p 40 co2 airsoft pistol. it is pretty sweat
Pretty sweat?
Matt214978 years ago
Well i have a crossman r36 a smith @ wesson 4505 and a crossman p30 wich my dad dropped and was converted into a airsoft greande launcher. But in a couple days im gettinga m14
jakee117 (author)  Matt214978 years ago
sweet, I'm getting a kjw m1911 tactical w/ OD grips for my birthday on the 17th (15)
sweet well happy birthday
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