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MarkM56211 months ago

So I'm wondering if there are any pistol type under-barrel attachments for an ar-15. I've seen the Glock Roni which is a stand alone SBR platform but wanted to put something with a pistol caliber together with the rifle caliber all together as 1 platform. Does this exist and if not...why not?

acker12310 years ago
im gonna make a knex turret! i will hav a base with motor in and then a remote control so i can move the main gun on top. i will probs use a gatling on top or design a new mg! im new so if i make it, it will b my first instructable yeah!!!! acker123
oodalumps10 years ago
I'm taking a break from working on my final gun, and i want to work on something else. Anybody got some ideas?
KamikazeSniper360 (author)  oodalumps10 years ago
I made a disc launcher that shoots the "very simple frag grenade". It's a disc like grenade that I found.
maybe a bazooka? lol... no really it would be the first one on the site!
i was thinking of attempting to make a grenade launcher (but stronger)
did you start making it?
no not yet i wil when i finish my famas
Something that shoots an exploding projectile? I could, but i'm no good with exploding Knex. I'd have to make it shoot larger versions of the splodie.
you can become good at anything... and its the only shooting thing that no one made... make lots of small frag grenades and connect them together or something like that... maybe you could make it have rods that are connected to the projectile, and make lots of barrels "killerk" style, and thats where the projectile rods will go in... that will make it shoot far and explode even harder... thats just an idea, its your call if you wanna make it or not...
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