The VQS range

Hi! These are my guns that are coming out in September when i can get my camera sorted. I've actually finished the 1st one, the SS-90 and this can be found here: Now these will be the VQS range after the initials of the latin for 'swift and silent'; 'volitas quod silensis'. You know in car firms like Mercedes and Audi you have upgrade lines? AMG and the 'S' line respectively. Well , this is one for knex guns. So for example, the P-90 style gun will be the (VQ)90-SS . V, Q, 90 (as in P-90) ,S ,S(sears sytsem). They all have individual names as well. Here is the guns they are based on - 1. Will be the SS-LE/'Bastille'. This is an old MK. 2 Sten. It has a firing pin and a side loading mag, with a working silencer (hopefully). 2,3 and 4. This is finished ! The 90-SS/'Desechos' - Spanish for refusal. This next gun is a cross between these 2. It has a sears system and 6/10 round hopper - also TOTAL customisability. 5. Hopefully the next to be built. Will be the M-1G/'Adamantine'. An M1 Garand. 6+7. Will be the CD-94/'Flint'. A cross between these 2, although they are essentially the same. The first is a Mauser C96 'Broomhandle', the 2nd a DL44 blaster used by Hans Solo. 8+9. Will be the HM-5S/Cetaebro - Greek for dangerous shadow. These are the H&K MP5SD and the MP5 Navy repectively. Hopefully it will be a choice of 2 - real semi auto, or firing pin for proper power. A detachable silencer too. Note: 10. I could be trying to make a Henry Repeater Action .22 rifle too.

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benfoxg9 years ago
it does = september now, where are they?
MI6 (author)  benfoxg9 years ago
yeh dont be precise - school starts again for me on 7th, i have to get a digital link cable from there and then, hopefully i can post the pictures for the 1st one.
combatknex9 years ago
can i plz see a picture of the two if its a p90 ive tried 24849758435974672957.99 times for someone to make instructions for one but they never do so plz? the p90
MI6 (author)  combatknex9 years ago
picture of the 2? i dont know what u mean
combatknex MI69 years ago
you said you have made 2 of them in a previous comment so not to be mean but i dont believe you made any of those guns and if you did i doubt they look good so i want to see a picture
MI6 (author)  combatknex9 years ago
i keep telling everyone , the reason why i havent got any pictures up is because i can only link up a camera when school opens again in september
DJ Radio9 years ago
I hope this does not become like Killerk and his SR-v2
MI6 (author)  DJ Radio9 years ago
what do you mean?
DJ Radio MI69 years ago
he postponed it
MI6 (author)  DJ Radio9 years ago
well it hasnt been postponed yet so ... stay hopeful
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