CAN ANYONE HELP ME ABOUT HOW TO PUT A VOLTAGE/CHARGE INDICATOR on flash/High Voltage capacitors using LEDs - Thank You.....!!!!!!!

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Plasmana9 years ago
Okay, I don't know what kind of indicator you want so I made a schematic of a very simple indicator, I hope you can understand it and find it helpful. Another indicator you can use is (that what I use right now) is a cheap voltmeter, the voltmeter give you a much better idea how well the capacitors are charged. If it does not help or not what you are looking for, just reply me.
makdef Plasmana4 years ago
so, I have a question. How did you got the resistor value? I wanna this schematic, but with another values of capacitors. if has some formula or calcas, please explain-me
Usual method, simplfied. Assume diode current = 20mA, resistor = supply volts/diode current.
KITKAT69 (author)  Plasmana9 years ago
Hey Dude, By the way, do you know how to increase or double the voltage output of a converter like those voltage doubler or tripler? cause my converter charges 3 caps in 10 min. and it is slow compared to those I have seen on many coilgun sites. Does increasing the voltage increases the charging rate in just seconds lets say about 5 to 10 sec. not in minutes? my converter output is 422v max... Thank you for reading and for your kind consideration and for your time..... :p
I can help you if you answer those questions... At what voltage do you wish to charge your capacitor with - 800v? And does your convertor output AC voltage and does it have a transformer?
KITKAT69 (author)  Plasmana9 years ago
OK, Just what I have said my boost converter's output voltage is about 422v max 450 if I got lucky. My converter's core components are as follows: NE or LM555 timer, 141uH Toroidal Transformer(An Inductor), IRFP440 rated @ 400v 10A (Its supposed to be IRF450 rated @ 500v 14A but its not available), 400v 6A diode - 2 of them in parallel to make a 400v 12A (Its supposed to be SFA1608G, 500V 14A its not available also) and a Voltage comparator - Dual or single comparator can be (I used an LM393 or LM311). The output voltage was in D.C. thats why I don't use my other volt panel which was in A.C. Maybe 500v or 600v would be a satisfying to me.... but does increasing the Voltage output also increases the charging rate and doesn't it have an effects on the capacitor bank? you know they might get damage since I'm charging three 400v 200uF capacitors for the mean time and I wanted to increase the voltage output for a fast charging rate...... I can try to upload you the schematics that I got through searching online and maybe it can help you to some other aspects hehehehehe :P
Okay, I can see what your converter is, a DC boost converter, I am afraid making it give out more current and/or more current is not possible... However, I have one (crude) HV power supply in mind, but it requires mains power... So if you could tell me what voltage your mains power gives out, and I will draw you a schematic how to build a HV power supply.
KITKAT69 (author)  Plasmana9 years ago
Hmmmm..... mains Power? do you mean the power supply voltage that my circuit boost up? well if it is, it is 17-18v from a D.C. wall plug adapter. I have recently reached a voltage of about 467v but it is just by chance and luck and I have also estimated that It charges for 5-10min. to reach a 425v. very slow isn't it? and it also affects a coil gun's efficiency isn't it?
Mains Power? do you mean the power supply voltage that my circuit boost up?
No, I mean the one from your wall, the outlet give out 110v or 240v or something. Anyway, I found an instructable about how to build a variable 0v to 1000v power supply, It might help you, the power supply should (hopefully) charge up your capacitors quickly.
I hope it helps!
KITKAT69 (author)  Plasmana9 years ago
oh I see in our house we got only 220 - 230V where I plug the AC-DC wall adapter to supply my Boost converter at 18v. so do you mean I just needed to add up a little more power supply lets say 20 - 24v just to fasten up the charging rate? I have seen the power supply your referring to but may be i don't have much time and money to build another circuit hehehehe..... I have watch so many coil gun developers amateurs and professional their coil guns charges lets say in just seconds...... ( Wish I can make it toooo) hehehee....
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