HALO for us knexers!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

well, i got the idea from a topic talking about a knex war. Then I thought "why dont we have one?????"

so, i found out about how to get halo for free on the internet (from the microsoft website), and i have participated in a few multiplayer games.

However, there can only be 8 participants max because that is the limit my internet will support (and it is very fast too.) So, i have set a password on the game, and you will be a participant on a first-come-first-serve basis. the first 8 to sign up will receive the password to the game, and will have the pleasure of getting killed by me.


1. DJ Radio
2. Benfoxg
3. Derinsleep
6. nerfer 192
7. Darth gecko man

for the participants, here are the instructions:

click here to download the trial version. when they ask for your age, click 18 on the drop-down box. Set it up, and name your profile your ibles username. you might want to sort your controls at this point too. To join the game, click on "multiplayer", click on "internet" then "get list". Click on "instructables", then enter the password.

a few ground rules on the game
-when you join, make sure your profile name is your ibles username. I do not want to think a hacker got into the game.
-if someone says they are typing, if you spot them, do not shoot them, as it ruins the whole game experience. if they say they are typing, but you see them moving, you go ahead and shoot, they are lying
-NO VERBAL FIGHTING-you can post comments mid-game, but no fighting people. If you shoot someone, its all right, but no "f you" or stuff like that.

A word of warning to you guys:
-make sure you have a fast processor (2 ghz at least), and at least 2 GB of ram. the game will run smoothly if you do
-make sure you have a fast internet connection, as the game file is large in size. I need the fastest connection, as i am the game host

ok here's the lineup for what we will do during the game.

first, every person must stay at a base until i say ready. when i do, you may move out to try to look for a flamethrower hidden in the game arena. you may shoot whoever, but you only win if you find the flamethrower and shoot me.

After, we will have a warthog race, the first thing we do is try to fight our way to the hog, and then drive to the starting line which is near the place where the flamethrower was found. then we do a 4 lap race along the perimeter of the arena, and the 4 who do not participate in the race get to shoot us down along the way.

the next game will be a free-for-all slayer where the one with the highest score wins

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sorry cant my parents wont let me download my computer is screwed up beyond imagin
DJ Radio (author)  silentassasin219 years ago
DJ Radio (author) 9 years ago
its encouraged among knexers, but anyone can join
Chicken22099 years ago
its amazing how no one joined our game but once you said knex everyone is all like "gimme plz k thx bye" LOLOLOLOLOL
DJ Radio (author)  Chicken22099 years ago
sign up?
I'd rather not download it again its like they say, once you go full version, there ain't no going back
DJ Radio (author)  Chicken22099 years ago
use the full version then
different severs that way the trail people can't fudge the system as easy (yeah we all know they still do)
DJ Radio (author)  Chicken22099 years ago
i thought the server was the host of a particular game
well when someone submits a game it goes to a bungie server this servers main job is to keep track of the games Since they designated a server, games go faster, less mistakes are made, and people can't hack as much
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