"HC Off-Line Occured" while Interface Sysmex Xp100 machine using serial cable

We are Interface Sysmex XP100 Hematology machine, but we got "HC Off-Line Occured" error.

We are using Serial Port 9-pin female pins (2-->3, 3-->2, 5-->5)

Our Code To Open Serial Port:
SerialPort comport = new SerialPort();
comport.BaudRate = int.Parse(cmbBaudRate.Text);
comport.DataBits = int.Parse(cmbDataBits.Text);
comport.StopBits = (StopBits)Enum.Parse(typeof(StopBits), cmbStopBits.Text);
comport.Parity = (Parity)Enum.Parse(typeof(Parity), cmbParity.Text);
comport.PortName = cmbPortName.Text;

Port successfully open, but when XP100 machine send output, it shows "HC Off-Line Occured" error.

Please provide possible solution.

Downunder35m4 months ago

Did you try Google?
Just wondering as the feedback section is for feedback in relation to this website.
If you register to post a question it would be nice if you could also take the time to post it in a suitable section and provide all details that might help.
And if Google can't help you there is always the manufactures support line - which would be the most obvious choice...