HELP !!!!! BORED !!!! Need Problems!

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Toga_Dan (author)  bravoechonovember11 year ago

Thanks. This reminds me of a job I quit because of the onset of TF, or somethin like it. The finger issue cleared itself up, but I've forgotten some of the engineering solutions I had in mind to take some of the gruntwork out of that grunt job.

Does it include "how to solve boredom"?

um...... *quickly checks list*

wait! it's on the list of solved problems "make instructable" :)

You can have my problems! LOL

Try to turn off your computer and walk outside. Greet your neighbors, smile and wave. Take a deep breath. Look at the sky. Appreciate the trees and the flowers. If you learn to appreciate small things you will never get bored.

Toga_Dan (author)  emilywilson1 year ago

Sometimes it would be nice to trade problems for a while!

I like the suggestion. Sometimes I go for a walk and kinda play Sherlock holmes, What caused what...

Ambles1 year ago

Hi, Toga_Dan,

I saw your post of needing problems. I hope mine is one that interests you and that you can help me solve. I posted it in the "Burning Questions". This is the title


Please have a read and tell me what you think, or even better, if you can tell me how to accomplish this (step by step would be appreciated), that would be SUPER!



Toga_Dan (author)  Ambles1 year ago

I've now commented with some suggestions on that thread.

Sorry, not in the form of a question.

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