Please help me im in a BAD situation!!!!!!!!!!

please read this long story and help me out, by giving advice.

Promlemo 1
Well you see the girl that i kinda fancied, fancies one of my 'friends', hes not a best frind or anything just like a pal.
Anyways, he likes her too and they are thinking of going out.

Problemo 2
The girl that i kinda fancied, well one of her best friends fancies me. But i absoloutly don't like her back!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!(emphasizing)

Problemo 3
Anyway the girl that i don't want to go out with, some how got my msn address. And yesterday, i got invited in a big group conversation with her in. She asked me "wud u go out wid me?" i said no.
Then she said i Know you like me aswell.

And i said 'nope'.
She also started embaressing me in the group conv by saying 'luvey duvey' comments about me. Everyone in there was LOLing, LMAOing, ROFLing.
It was really annoying and, i was thinking of not going school the next day but i did go.
Shes very shy and quiet in class.

Promlemo 4

Im really worrying, if she asks me out at school, im not very good with these kind of encounters. How can i say NO to her?

I really don't want to go out with her. I know all of youll think give her a chance or don't be mean, but NO i absoloutly don't want to go out with her.

Problemo 5

The girl who i kinda fancy, well i chatted to her for the first time yesterday on msn. and it went pretty smooth. But today she hasn't been on. Has she blocked me :(, or deleted me or WHAT?

Can you all please be apreciate. And give me soloutions to the problems above!!!!!

Im hoping Goodhart or Mr. Rig will help me out really well.

But i want anyone to help at the moment. Give serious answers on what i can do to all 5 problems.

BTW i have to find a soloution to Problemo #4 by monday, because i might see her that dy at school.

Im really annoyed.


Thank You for reading this ridiculously long explanation.


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Aron3135 years ago
Too long. Make it shorter! :P
Im sorry I keep relizing a forgot an answer.....answer to number 4, if you have her number or MSN, tell her on there. Much more comfortable.

I took a class on how to manage emotions and how to treat people and respect feelings and not fight its called DBT and interpersonal effectiveness anyway you SHOULD NOT apologize, weird but its not your fault you dont want to be with her. My psychologist taught me this so I recently learned Americans over apologize. Just say what you need to " I dont feel this way, hope you arent hurt by my words (thats a way around apologizing) I dont want to be in a relationship I know wont work , we might both but ourselves through heartache. Thanks for listening to me..

I hope this helped Ive dated people I dont like years ago maybe 15/16/17 years old just to have someone to be with and it was a waste of time and the other person got hurt bad then I looked like a bad person.
Ive been dating the same person for 3 1/2 years and we hardly fight its what I dreamed of and I went through a lot of heartbreak and bad breakups to get here....

If this doesnt go your way dont TRIP on it!!! You dont seem very is not your priority your just putting your feet in the water probably dont hold back though if you feel something dive in!
You dont want to be with somebody that talks like "will u go out WID me" lol, I dont know how old she is but good dont be with her. Even if the others hook up. You can work hard to keep them from being together, make your move soon, before they do or youll regret it....tell her how you feel. Do something nice for her and be like

Look I dont know how you feel or how you will respond but I feel I need to be honest because I am an honest person, I really like you...

Girls like hearing that instead of.......I wanna look good wit you at school

Dont worry about the other girls feelings...its not your responsibility to please everybody
Adjuster-X5 years ago
Okay for no. 4 don't worry your making it worse not to be Mean but if she asks u say no im sorry I don't like u but if she cries just say I'm sorry and if u really feel bad just say how about one date and dance and kiss that's it no one can know about this tis will be our secret and if you tell anyone I will take something u love
Good luck
sci4me7 years ago
ur screwed!!!!!
The Jamalam8 years ago
I know it's probably over, but can I have your MSN?
mrbox9 years ago
=) just got a girl friend =) so happies (didnt show her my k guns) didnt need to ;D
T-Pak10 years ago
surefire way to get the girl you like to like you, you should show her your knex guns. Girls flip for knex guns.
1- I've known a few people with that trouble, it stinks! Uhm, I don't think there's much you can do. You can't change someone's feelings. (And u don't want to hurt your pal's feelings, either) So, just play it cool... 2- Just try to help her realize u don't like her. Don't say it directly, just explain that she's not the girl you think of, or something. 3- She sounds like a jerk... Just try to tell her you honestly don't like her, and realllly don't want to go out with her. I mean she can't force you or anything. 4- Be nice about it. Just be like "Look, I don't want to be mean to you, but I really don't want to go out with you. I'm really sorry, but I sorta like someone else right now" or something. 5- Don't jump to conclusions. Sometimes people just can't go online. Maybe she's grounded from it for some reason? I doubt she's avoiding you. Ask someone else she talks to, if they see her on? (As if she blocked you) But I highly doubt it. Im not good with advice, but I thought I'd give it a shot.
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