HELP! Girl's computer messed up bad


She said that her mom just bought two laptops to replace it. So thats good.

It runs windows XP. I dont remember the RAM or anything, it wasnt much.
25-27 gb of hard drive i believe.
its got a virus or something bad wrong with it.

its very slow.
i am wondering if anyone knows of very lightweight virus and spyware programs. there is around <4 gb left on the hard drive.

like i said, it cant tolerate much...

i heard that defrag only works on hard drives with 25%+ left, right?

another thing
i think somehow the explorer process is terminating.
everything goes away except the background, and the windows. Then it comes back.

and...i need answers soon. if possible.


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comodore8 years ago
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xACIDITYx9 years ago
Well, you are running Linux so the games don't take up much. Also, You must not have that much music, either.
xACIDITYx9 years ago
Make her purchase a large external hard drive, back up, and wipe the Hard Drive. Then reinstall Windows. Once she has an external hard drive, she should be able to install most if not all programs to it.

If nothing else, purchase a new hard drive that's more than 20 something GB from NewEgg like this and just toss the old one.
John Smith (author)  xACIDITYx9 years ago
i dont think she wants to buy anything. i'd buy it for that use and my own use, but...i'm saving up for a mill, and its $975. Then almost $500 of acessories...i dont have the money to spare. but maybe, just maybe i can get my parents to get one. we really do need one. thanks
Okay. All I can say is that you might as well get a larger hard drive because in this day and age, you can't do much with 20 GB of space.
John Smith (author)  xACIDITYx9 years ago
yeah. She and her mom are the only ones who use it. They only use internet explorer, and...she uses AIM. thats about it. so they dont have much of a need for a bigger one(although i agree with you). thanks
Oh, well if that's all...

A flash drive would even suffice. You can run Pidgin or trillian from one. And even firefox.
John Smith (author)  xACIDITYx9 years ago
i'm going to re-try putting SLAX on one of my flash drives. hopefully i can do somethin with that....
Yeah, cool. Let us know how it goes.
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