I am making a project and i needed a bit of help.

I needed to make an inductor of 0.35mH and I do not have a shade of an idea how to make it.
If anyone of you might help me i would me greatful to you.


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Kiteman5 years ago
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I've tried on my iPod (iOS6.1 / Safari) and netbook (XP / FF), and neither seems to work. I've filed a bug report.
kelseymh5 years ago
Generally, you don't "make" an inductor like that, unless you have the appropriate equipment to measure and calibrate it. You buy it, at RadioShack, or Jameco, or DigiKey, or wherever you like to get your components. Good luck with your project!
panny19965 years ago
no idea bro
by the way i didn't get what r u talking about.