HELP. i need thy help.

Hi. ive been wanting to get into micro controllers, and programming them for a while. unfortunately i have only a VERY basic knowledge of electricity, and my best is lighting up a few LEDs, and playing with some motors. I need to know (since i can't find one topic that makes sense to me) what i will need to start, how much it will cost, and if my computer will handle it. im looking to start with either PIC or AVR... thanks!

westfw8 years ago
Consider a module like "Basic Stamp" or "Arduino." These give you pretty instant gratifications, and have large communities dedicated to helping beginners.
See also https://www.instructables.com/id/How-to-choose-a-MicroController/
guyfrom7up8 years ago
here ya go: go with AVR, they are more efficient and I think hobby friendly. The software is free and there's a lot of online support from various forums you can get a programmer that plugs into your parallel port for under 20 bucks including shipping from ebay. for small projects and just general fun get a coulpe: attiny13a attiny2313 atmega168 you also need a bread board and some connectors for your programmer all in all it should cost you ~50 or 60 dollars if you have to buy everything (and that includes several microcontrollers)