HELP me think of a new knex gun

hey everyone i want to build more knex guns but idk what so i need ur help to help me think of something so if ur guys have something u want me to build just ask and post a picture and if i like it ill build it thanks

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how about some shot gun pump atcion
ow well no body ever made a real good looking action shot gun
so that's a great idea
rexdino58 years ago
Hey make a new kind of machine gun with a box with a chain. ANd the ammo is shot out of the chain but the gun isn't on the chain. That is a challenge. and at the barrel it shots it out of the bullets cover so over all make a REAL machine gun.
Wait, it's not really a gun but... some sort of high torque engine, cos i tried to make one but every time i put the elastic bands on it falls apart, i need it for my own full auto gun.
What about a machine gun with the mech I posted for you?

To refresh your memory

By the way if anyone else can use this design but must say I designed it.

Happy building =D
gun design.bmp
hey, u asked for suggestions, i made a magazine loading, however unable to fire, P99 Hand Gun, maybe u could take my idea and use it with a firing mechanism to make it work. Cheers.
You obviously hav'nt seen this

It's a pistol that loads through the handle
maxxxem9 years ago
make a mounted knex gun that is huge! like a 11mm cannon!
MI69 years ago
PP7 with silencer
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