i need to make a dog clicker as i dont get then near my house. please help me out! all methods are welcome.. please provide images if possible.. THANX!!!

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as long as it makes constant sound, then it will do the job. take my advice, better buy a clicker than try to make it. its cheap
use a pen your write with the retractable kind. u push the top of the pen and it makes a sound. bingo!
for deaf dogs a flashlight flash (on/off quickly) is used. I've also seen people use "yes", "good" and the ASL "K"
Javin0078 years ago
Get a Snapple or any other lid with a good solid "pop-up" safety seal. If you get a good lid, often using just your fingernail to push it in and release it will make a good, loud click exactly like the training clickers.
Goodhart8 years ago
A clicker is merely a piece of spring steel, slightly dented on one end and then mounted inside a case to enhance the sound. Using the end not dented in, and bending it until the spring steel momentarily undents, normally with a loud click ! Releasing it and allowing it to return to it's original shape produces a lower in pitch click. You get 2 for the price of one.
palm058 years ago
hi there... i just got a new dog and was looking for a cheap way to make a clicker and then it came to me. use a clothespin as the source of the click. i put a fat rubber band around one of the slender pieces (the end that you squeeze) and then put my index finger through it. now all i do is use my thumb to squeeze the clothes pin and i let it go to make the click noise!
Mothys8 years ago
Use a hair clip or your tounge
caitlinsdad8 years ago
Could you just figure out how to do it with your voice? That clicking sound is unique to some African languages. You can look it up to see how they do it.
Mothys8 years ago
ARG! im stumped on this one
NachoMahma8 years ago
. It doesn't have to be a clicker. Just about anything thing that will make noise will work. Just snap your fingers.
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