HOW TO : increase torque of motors

im building a vehicle to move approximately 0.5kg of load,
trouble is the motors are too weak to move the vehicle.

its arduino controlled, 4AA's to supply 6Vs to the 2 motor
im connecting the motors directly to the wheels (they spin fast when i lift the system up)

any ideas as to how i can increase the power ?

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fujiapple (author) 5 years ago
so in this case will it be

motor( small gear)---> wheels (big gears) ?

also, is it easy to find gears that come together with housings ?
without having to rip RC cars apart ?
Here is a decent selection of geared motors you can get. Be sure you don't get a motor that will burn out your motor controller.
fujiapple (author)  mpilchfamily5 years ago
Hey thanks a lot,

now i know what im looking for - gear head motors,
i thought i had to make my own housing and all

With the right gear ratio to you be able to gain the torch you need but at the cost of RPMs.
caitlinsdad5 years ago
Just like in real cars, you need to gear it down or create a different type of movement like walking legs.