Habbo vs Runescape

Ok, to settle the question of which is more popular, which game is the best? I don't wanna know the popularity, I just wanna know opinions... We are talking about Habbo, and Runecape, I don't really want to hear about outside or instuctables because those both are better anyways... and are their any other online games that are better? This is going to be a fun * 2 um 2 um*. If you get that, just commment, it is a hidden message. my Habbo username: baseballboy578
Runescape username: brooks578

Picture of Habbo vs Runescape
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smartinez86 years ago
runescape is the best my name is Annandaleps9
ellomate56 (author) 10 years ago
I have been playing {Powder Game}. Search powder game on google and go to the dan-ball thing!
Powder game is awesome. I only wish the screen and dot number were larger so you could make larger things.
 Best java game ever.
i play runescape and i think it's pretty good except it has real bad graphics Play rs
NeonLime9 years ago
I Used to play habbo. I got addicted, it ruined my life, i wouldnt get off, i became depressed, etc etc. They both suck but i advise runescape.
xACIDITYx9 years ago
How come, in your picture, you have the Ellomate56, then an inbox, and a COMMENTS area? I don't have a comments area!
macca4life9 years ago
they are both good to be honest but runescape is better just a bit because habbo you dont have many risks but in runescape you have the risk of being eaten alive by some nut case monster and you have levels in RS not habbo and habbo is to be honest just like an army of boxheads who dont do much
Brennn1010 years ago
Both games take a hold of people's lives, people get addicted, and then these people just cannot stop. Reminds me of another game. Oh yea..WOW!
='[but they are so much fun...]
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