okay so this is where you would go to learn how to hack... go ahead and post if you need to hack something or "PM" (personal message) me if you need any assistance. Remember this group is to unite us so we can gather each others intelligence so one day you cn say "HEY I KNOW HOW TO DO THAT!!! AND IM A KID/TEEN!!! :D"

*Please dont abuse this privilage*

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Marcel2494 months ago

How can i hack a wifi code???

Kiteman Marcel2494 months ago

You don't, that's a crime.

Goodhart Kiteman2 months ago

I know this is not the proper place for this, but I HOPE I can be less of a stranger from here on in. *waving* Hi Kiteman !

Kiteman Goodhart2 months ago


Hello, stranger!

Goodhart Kiteman2 months ago

I am trying to become accustomed to the changes. (HI Kiteman).

I won't be building anything for awhile, but I do hope to get into the forums more often.

whats the use in hacking please tell me

you hack to either learn about or rebuild / repurpose something.

Kiteman4 years ago
Define "hack"...
Director Shadow (author)  Kiteman4 years ago
explain your question a little bit more clearer......
Which of the two words did you not understand? "Define"? Or "hack"?
Director Shadow (author)  kelseymh4 years ago
hahahaha well i see just by your question that your a fast, intelligent one.... okay how about this.

hack [hak]
verb (used with object)
to cut, notch, slice, chop, or sever (something) with or as with heavy, irregular blows (often followed by up or down ): to hack meat; to hack down trees.
to break up the surface of (the ground).
to clear (a road, path, etc.) by cutting away vines, trees, brush, or the like: They hacked a trail through the jungle.
to damage or injure by crude, harsh, or insensitive treatment; mutilate; mangle: The editor hacked the story to bits.
to reduce or cut ruthlessly; trim: The Senate hacked the budget severely before returning it to the House.

Is this enough "defining" for you??

Which "hack" are you trying to discuss here?

The good, improve-a-device-for-the-greater-good kind, or the bad access-a-computer-illegally kind?
That comment offends whitehat hackers everywhere (more importantly it offends me... just kidding... not really just semi kidding. some of us actually hack to help the manufacturer by hacking our own systems then reporting our exploits to the manufacturer... though I guess I should probably remove "that" Instructable.
Don't you classify your activities as the good, improve-a-device-for-the-greater-good kind?
Maybe... Who's asking? It only took me what three months to come up with that response?
Ah. So you are proposing in this forum topic to teach people how to cut things up?

Or maybe we should continue to demonstrate how your utter lack of language skills (or perhaps just basic intelligence) have completely mutilated and mangled your attempt at subtlety?
I've just thought, maybe he means it?
To cough, to retch, to expel phlegm...
ilpug4 years ago
So... what are we hacking?
Director Shadow (author)  ilpug4 years ago
Whatever you want