Hacker to be extradited to America

A Briton accused of hacking into top secret military computers has lost a Law Lords appeal against being extradited to stand trial in the US.

Glasgow-born Gary McKinnon could face life in jail if convicted of accessing 97 US military and Nasa computers.

He has admitted breaking into the computers from his London home but said he was seeking information on UFOs.

Link to BBC website.

According to McKinnon (in the video included in the article), he used a simple password hack ("blank password scanning") to look for UFO-related technology. In response, the US are using (abusing?) anti-terrorism laws to extradite McKinnon for trial.

If found guilty, McKinnon could face life in jail. American officials involved in this case have stated that they want to see him "fry".

Controversy abounds in this case:

  • Britain has no choice regarding the extradition, because they have signed a treaty with America regarding the extradition of terrorist suspects. America, however, has yet to sign the treaty they are exploiting in this case.
  • If an American citizen committed the same offenses against UK military computers, the US would prevent the extradition of their citizen anyway, because they are protected by the constitution.
  • The case is being prosecuted retrospectively - when McKinnin hacked the military computers, there was no treaty, and his actions were not considered an offense.
  • The US is (allegedly) using the same anti-terrorism treaty (the one they haven't signed) to force the extradition of around 200 UK citizens, mostly for non-terrorist offenses (such as financial crimes).

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comodore9 years ago
Didn't know this story... wow. life in jail just for hacking...looks like they are hideing something about UFOs... He didn't kill any one, hes a smart man who saw what he shouldn't... 20 years in jail is also to much for hackers, not life... keep us posted Kiteman, I want to see how this end! Thanks!
He's just a guy looking for UFOs. He thought how you did. You may be right, though. As a hacker in training ( just to learn more, maybe become a programmer ) , the law is 10 years in jail and some fine, I think $10,000. Bob Phil McMooow, He might have, but I think that Britain hired him. Crackers are the ones who do it for evil intent. I am 12, becoming 13 in a month.
Happy birthday! A little sooner but what the hack.... :D
Thanks. Being exported to America is the fate of most non-American hackers. There is a case I know of, but don't know where from. Big Brother is definitely cracking about hackers.

Bob Phil McMooow: The state of the world may be worse now, but look at Kevin Mitnick. Five years without trial, not being allowed to touch a phone, or even use a computer at a gift shop! The state of the world has always been depressing for hackers.
Kiteman (author)  tinkerC8 years ago
They aren't chasing him under hacking laws, but under anti-terrorism laws, which can lead to a life-sentence.

And who knows how long in Gitmo before the trial?
Yea, that makes sence, everybody was in shock after what happened to those buses and 9/11..and now this. But still, I don't thinks he is a terrorist, no way! Is he? :/
Kiteman (author)  comodore8 years ago
He's not a terrorist - it's an abuse of the law.
tinkerC Kiteman8 years ago
I second that. But since when has the law been not abused against hackers. The Secret Service breaks up meetings of hackers, violating the First Amendment! Not an abuse of law, a lack of bounds for a law.
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