Hacking a pipe heater thermostat

Hi I am wondering if anyone has an idea on how to change the thermostat on a "store bought" pipe warmer. The kind you would wrap around your outdoor pipes to keep them from freezing in the winter. They are set fairly low, around 70f I believe and I would like it to put out a constant 100f or so , to about 150f or so. Thanks, GA

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Georgeaco (author) 10 years ago
Well I haven't had that problem. I have been using it as my fuel for 3yrs and 42,000 miles with no problems. In my experience if you store it in a "cool dry place" it will last for about a year. I am going to help a friend convert his mercedes and I am trying to do it better than the way I did it for my truck.
Ok, well it lasts that long as a fuel....I guess I was thinking "potable" :-) and so few know that veggie oil starts to become slowly inedible minutes after air exposure. Sorry if I went off on a tangent there.
Georgeaco (author) 10 years ago
HI ,thanks for the reply. I haven't actually bought it yet, It looked like there was a metal part that is supposed to be secured to the pipe. There might be more than one style. I saw where someone made a thermostat for another application that used a snap disc type thermostat that an electric clothes dryer might use. Maybe I could try that. The idea behind this is that I want to heat an aluminum fuel line for my truck that burns vegetable oil. I think electricity would be much easier to install and quicker to heat the oil for use. Thanks GA
May I ask why the need to have it so hot ?
Georgeaco (author)  Goodhart10 years ago
I would like to use it to heat the veg oil line in my truck. In retrospect it would be fine at maybe the 100f range, I just don't want it to gel on the way to the heated filter in my engine. Thanks for asking.
I know that diesel fuel can gel at VERY low temps, and I suppose veggie oil will also. The biggest problem I see with that kind of oil as a fuel is storage. Most corn oils for instance start to break down as soon as they are exposed to air. Or did I miss something?
uguy10 years ago
It probably uses a fixed bimetallic strip which may be changed. Do you have the heater so you can open it and see?