Had yourself an 'ibling Christmas ?

Inspired by an Instructable posted here, our Christmas dinner was a deep fried turkey,
accompanied by my own Potato puffballs and all the trimmings

Who else has used 'Ibles to help the season along ?


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ChrysN6 years ago
I made a few things as gifts, a crochet snowman, an ornament for my mom and a Christmas card but I didn't document any well enough to make an 'ible.
lemonie6 years ago

I made a couple of things, but nothing seasonal.

Anything could be seasonal if it was gift worthy :-)
Not really, e.g. home-built fan-heater.

Ok, well I guess I should have said "possibly could be..." :-)

I suppose a heater could be, it just didn't seem seasonal.

Warm your loved ones with a new Christmas Heater -- ring in the new year warmly ! LOL

Hmm, if I finish it I may use that line.

I made all of my family's gifts. One according to an instructable, one inspired by an instructable and the rest of my own invent.
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